Retro 92.1 Birthday Club
    Anyone in the listening area can join and we make it easy to win.  We want to start your day off the positive way,
by wishing everyone in our listening area a big "Happy Birthday" 

Submission Rules

1. Mail:
   Birthday Club
   Retro 92.1 Radio
   39520 Bradbury Road
   Middleport, Ohio 45670

  2. Phone
Office hours 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday -Friday

3. Fax:
Office hours 8:30AM-5:00PM Monday -Friday
Each weekday (Monday -Friday)(permitting a birthday has been submitted) in the 7:00am hour,  Retro 92.1 will announce Celebrity Birthdays and then read off names submitted by you,  Fathers,  Mothers,  Grandparents, Nieces,  Nephews.  We will put all of the names in a hat and draw a winner. The winner will receive a personalized birthday cake from Powell's Foodfair located at 700 E Main Street in  Pomeroy, OH. Each winner must come by the Retro 92.1 Studios to pick up a coupon to redeem their cake at Powell's Foodfair.

Winners will be announced on the air, and posted here on this page, and may pick up their coupon for a customized cake for Powell's Food Fair in Pomeroy at the Retro 92.1 Studios.
Monday thru Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM
Phone: 740-992-6485 Fax: 740-992-6486 E-Mail: 39520 Bradbury Road Middleport, Ohio  45760
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The deadline to receive all nominations for the Retro 92.1 Powell's Foodfair Birthday Club is weekdays the day before the Birthday by NOON. Weekend Birthday's (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) must be submitted by Thursday before by NOON. Monday Birthday's must be submitted by the Friday before by NOON no exceptions.  If you fail to enter them in time, Birthday's not entered in time will be read on the next broadcast Birthday Club as a Belated Birthday. However you will not be entered into the cake drawing. Birthdays entered through here are time stamped when entered.
You MUST live in the listening area to be nominated You may submit Birthday Club nominations by:

This Weeks Winners:

Samantha Sheets

Michelle Satterfield

Jeff Martin

Jerry Colmer
Celebrity birthday's for today
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Please be advised: If a person is entered in next year's drawing. If they should pass away, or move from the area. Please let us know by entering their information and choose "yes" in the "remove from following year's drawing option". Thank You
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Any double submissions with the same name, age, and city, but with different birthdays. if a "submitted by" option is not chosen, the later one will be used. We are assuming that the first submission was an error. This has happened a few times recently. 
Please note: Since this problem, we have added a "submitted by" option. Please choose one of the "submitted by" options when entering a birthday. Then, if a double entry is submitted. We will only use a "self", or immediate family member submitted birthday. This should help clear up this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience any earlier submissions may have caused.
You can now enter next year's drawing. This will help if you do not enter a birthday in time. You will be entered in plenty of time for next year. (The year the nominee was born must be included with the submission)
(only available if the information is entered through this website by the anointer. Not by mail, fax, or call in)
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